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After Adam and Eve had to leave the Garden of Jesusspeakstome, God still wanted to share His life with us. So God, the Father, sent his Son, Jesus to become man to make us sharers in God's life and invite us to Heaven.


Jesus Christ, true God and true man, brings together in himself God and humans. We can share i n God's life only in Jesus, who is both God and man. So it is in Jesus that God invites us to live with Him.


Jesus also showed us how to use the gifts God gave us in the world to love God... ...


To use the things we can see, to share in the Iife of God, whom we cannot see. This is God's hidden plan, the Mystery of God's love, which God built into the world.


To do this Jesus had to be born a man, just like us. Jesus had to live with us to teach us, and to give us God's life as a gift in himself.


Jesus is God the Son. Jesus is both God and man.


In Jesus' body God joins His life with ours.


So we could live with God.


Jesus comes from heaven to live with us here. He brings us the gift of God's Iif e to share in. Jesus removes original sin, and all our sins, because it is sin that can separate us from God.


Jesus forgives all our sins.


God loved us so much He gave us his Son, Jesus. And Jesus gives us God's Love.


Jesus returns the Robe of Glory to us so we can wrap ourselves in God's love. We put on God's Glory by sharing in God's life, because He gives us Himself in Jesus. This is the special gift you will receive in Holy Communion, when you receive Jesus' body and blood into your own.


Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. Jesus was born as a little baby. This is the day God became a human like us. We call this the INCARNATION.


This word means God was born with a human body.


The Incarnation is part of God's hidden plan-The Mystery of God's love. Because God, who cannot be seen, lets us see and know Him in the human body of Jesus. Jesus is the "face" of God we can see


The Holy Family


Mary is the mother of Jesus. God is the real Father of Jesus. But God, the Father, asked Joseph to help Him by being Jesus' father on earth in His place. So we call Saint Joseph the foster father of Jesus.


When He grew up, Jesus began to teach us how to love God. Jesus told us how much God loves us; how God wants us to share His Life; and how He has come to invite all of us to live with God in Heaven.


Jesus found 12 friends whom we call the 12 Apostles. He taught them about God's love for them. Then Jesus sent the 12 Apostles out into the world to tell people about God's Love, and make all people His disciples too. This is how Jesus started the Church, and is still head of the Church today.


In the Church Jesus gave us seven special ways to Share in God's Life in the world. We call these the Holy Mysteries or the Sacraments, because they are Part of the hidden plan God built into the world to


The Holy Mysteries use the things we can see in the world to let us share in God's Life, which we cannot see. The Mysteries let us share in Heaven


But most people were still too selfish to learn from Jesus. When theyheard Jesus say that, He was the Son of God, they thought Jesus was trying to replace God. They were mad. The people did not understand that Jesus was teaching us how to share in God's Life. So they killed Jesus on the Cross


Our sins separate us from sharing in God's Life. When We sin, we don't believe Jesus... we don't want to share in God's Life, so we help crucify Jesus by our own sins.


Jesus died on the Cross for our sins.


We all helped put Jesus on the Cross by our sins. Our sins turn us away from God, and block Him from sharing His Life with us. But God loved us too much to be separated from us by our sins. God wants to share His life with us, so He forgives all our sins in Jesus on the Cross.


So Jesus took all our sins upon Himself. Jesus loves us so much that; he took all the selfishness of our sins on Himself. This is why He died. By the cross we all said no to sharing in God's life. We all said no to Jesus, who is God's life shared with us. Every time you sin you say no to Jesus... no to God's love for you. You chose your own way over God's plan f or you in Jesus.


But Jesus said; "Father forgive them..." God did forgive us. He raised Jesus from the dead.


By raising Jesus back to life, God forgives us our sins. And God offers again to share His Life with us through the Risen Jesus.


Jesus opens up a path for us to God's Kingdom of Heaven. He lets us share in God life. He forgives us by the Cross


Maronites call Jesus cross the TREE OF LIFE. It was made of wood, and reminds us of the tree in the Garden of Jesusspeakstome. When adam and Eve ate the fruit of that tree, they lost our share in God's Life. But if we "eat" the fruit of the Cross, which is Holy Communion, then Jesus returns our share I God's Life…


The Cross is the Tree that gives us life.

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