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Aunt Cindy has set the table for Charlie and the guests at her party. She put a little gift at each spot for each person.

At the Last Supper, Jesus gave his friends a special gift. First he told them how much he cared for them, and that he would be with them always. Then Jesus took some bread. He blessed it and broke it.

He took a cup of wine and blessed it too. He gave thanks to his Father. Then he gave the bread and wine to his friends. He said,His friends ate the bread and drank the wine that Jesus gave them. This special gift was Jesus himself!

This is my body... This is my blood. Do this in memory of Me.

Jesus' words show that he wants us to do the same thing he did, for all time! Jesus wants us to gather for a special meal at Mass, just as he did with his friends at the Last Supper. At this meal, Jesus gives us the gift of himself, just as he did for his friends.

Get the table ready!

Here's an altar table, just like the one you see at Mass. Can you make it ready for Jesus?

On the altar, draw:

Candles on both sides of the altar A paten. That's the plate that holds the host (bread).

A chalice. That's the cup that holds the wine.

A large book. This has all the prayers of the Mass in it. You can also draw a priest and people around the altar. Most important, you can draw Jesus there.

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