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Charlie found the perfect gift for Aunt Cindy. It's an iced tea glass with her favorite baseball team logo. And guess what. Charlie found it at a garage sale. Do you think Aunt Cindy will like her gift?

At Mass, we bring gifts of bread and wine to the altar. We share our own gifts with our Church family at the collection. We thank God for all the ways he has saved us.

Jesus always shares special gifts. Once, he was speaking to a big crowd of thousands of people.

Jesus saw that they were hungry and wanted to help them. A boy in the crowd had five small loaves of bread and two fish. One of Jesus' friends said it wasn't enough. "What good are these for so many?"

he asked.

But Jesus had a plan.

He received the five loaves and two fish, said the blessing, and gave everyone some of the food. When everyone had eaten, he told his friends to collect the leftovers.

They filled 12 baskets with leftover bread! All that from a few loaves of bread and some fish.

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