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On the first Friday of every month, Maria and Riley went to church with their parents to attend Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction. Up until today, it seemed to Maria and Riley that this was just something they did as families and friends, kind of like going to the movies together. But somehow today it was different.

Maria and Riley had only one more class left before making their First Communion on Sunday. Although Father Hugo, Ms. Kelly, and their parents had explained thi's over and over, they still felt frustrated and confused over the Mystery of the Eucharist and all the other 'mysteries' that had been talked about.

"Mommy says that during Adoration and Benediction Jesus is present on the altar in the Blessed Sacrament just the same as He is in Holy Communion. The Blessed Sacrament is the Eucharist," said Maria.

"I know," replied Riley. "My parents told me the same thing. The Host in the monstrance does look the same. My brain hurts from thinking about it so much; from trying to figure it all out; I mean solving the mysteries and all。"

"I feel more troubled in here," said Maria pointing to where her heart lies. "Tonight let's pray that God will help us to understand."

Something came over Maria and Riley as they sat in the church with their families for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament The quiet of the church, the surroundings that had become so familiar, the smell of incense which remained, all reminded them of their Communion with the Saints. They sat quietly, patiently, comfortably, and happily befor Jesus. They prayed silently, asking for His help.

That night, each in their own homes and in their own beds, Riley and Maria dreamed the same dream.

They were together in a place of light and fresh air and were dressed-up in their new clothes. In their midst was a man dressed in a white robe with sandals on his feet; he had rather long hair and a beard. It was Jesus!

Jesus beckoned them to sit down beside Him and rest. They were very sleepy. As they rested their heads on His knees, He spoke to them.

"My children,you work so hard to understand your faith and that pleases Me. Do not worry that you do not understand all things today、Remember that it is I who come to you xvhen you come to Holy Communion, Receive Me, the Bread of Life,in Holy Communion. Keep the Commandments. Love your neighbor. Always put God first. Do these things and the Holy Spirit xvill bring you wisdom and understanding throughout your life,as you are ready. Your faith is your strength,let it be your guide."

The next morning, Riley and Maria could barely wait to tell each other about last night,s dream. As they walked to the church for the last class before the big day, they talked and realized they both had the same dream. And together they came to the same realization. They had solved the mystery! They had to talk to Father Hugo right away.

"Father Hugo! Father Hugo!" they cried as they caught a glimpse of him in front of the church. "We figured it out!" they shouted.

"What is it Maria and Riley? You're early for class. What did you figure out?" Father Hugo responded,worried about their near panic condition.

"The mystery! We solved the mystery!" cried Maria and Riley together.

With a look of amazement, Father asked, "What on earth? How did you? Where did you? WelL what is the answer?"

"The mystery is our FAITH," beamed Maria. "We aren't sure what it is,but it is. It comes from God. It's His gift to us. It belongs to us forever. And it rests right in here",stated Maria pointing to where her heart lies.

"The more we study and the more we pray, the bigger it gets," contributed Riley. "The grace we will receive from Holy Communion will make our faith grow bigger and better. The Holy Spirit will see to that!

" It's okay that we haven't solved the entire Mystery of the Eucharist by now. Jesus told us that as our faith grows, we will understand more-and more about Him and the Mysteries. We just need to keep praying and listening."

" That is absolutely right," said Father Hugo, with a hint of a tear in his eye. "I am so proud of both of you. Truly you are ready to receive your First Holy Communion tomorrow. Come let's share this with Ms. Kelly and the other children and say a prayer of thanks to God for giving you these gifts.'

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