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Charlie wants to surprise Aunt Cindy with a gift, but he doesn't know what to get.

"What does Aunt Cindy like to do?,' Charlie's mom asks.

"She likes baseball," Charlie says. "And garage sales. And iced tea."

"You know a lot about Aunt Cindy," his mom says. "I can tell you love her!"

When we love people, we want to know things about them. We learn about Jesus by listening to the readings at Mass. And do you know what? Jesus is present for us in these Bible readings in a special way.

Jesus told his friends many stories. One story was about a man walking on a dangerous road. Some robbers came and stole the man's money. They hurt him and left him on the road to die. After a while, a man walked by. "I cannot help," he said, and hurried away. Another man came along. He saw the hurt man lying in the road.

He crossed the street so he wouldn't have to help. A third man came along. He was a Samaritan (Sah-MARE-i-tan). Samaritans and Jesus' people didn't like each other. They were enemies. But the Samaritan man stopped and helped anyway.

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