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Next week, Charlie and his friend Pete will receive Jesus in their first Holy Communion. Their families will be there. Aunt Cindy will be there, too. Charlie and Pete are ready. They've been learning about the Mass, and about Jesus. Just like you!

Going to Mass is a little like climbing a beautiful mountain. There's a lot to see along the way, but we are always looking toward our goal—reaching the top. When we get there, Jesus is waiting for us. That's when we receive him in Holy Communion!

He gives us strength for the rest of our journey. That's our life! Each time we receive Jesus in the Eucharist, we are made stronger.


Think about the different kinds of bread. The host we receive in Holy Communion is a type of bread that is unleavened. That means it doesn't rise and get fluffy like sour dough bread or pizza dough. How many other breads can you think of?

Here's what Charlie does when he receives Holy Communion. Can you put these in the right order?

Charlie stands before the priest dressing in his communion dress, holding out his hands as the priest holds the Eucharist.

Charlie stands in line to receive Holy Communion.

Charlie kneels reverently at his pew.

Charlie stands before a eucharistic minister who holds a chalice with the Precious Blood.

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