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You start everything at the beginning; and everything begins with God. Even before the universe was created there was God. God always was, and God always will be. For God has lived forever and ever... God will never die... GOD HAD NO BEGINNING, AND GOD HAS NO END


There is only ONE God. But at Jesus' Baptism God showed us that there are THREE persons in the one God. They are: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Remember when Jesus was baptized, everybody heard the Father's voice from heaven say; "This is my Son..." And they saw the Holy Spirit descending like a dove. So God made us see that there are three persons in the one God.


We call this special day EPIPHANY, because God showed us His Trinity. We call the three persons who are God, the HOLY TRINITY. Maronites celebrate Epiphany every January 6th


The Father is God, just as the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. There is only one God; and yet, there are three persons in the one God. Maronites pray every Sunday; "One Holy Father, One Holy Son, One Holy Spirit.


Just like ONE triangle has THREE sides. Or ONE blanket Can be folded THREE times.


God can never be cut up, or separated into pieces, for you can never have just part of God.


Where the Father is, the Son and Holy Spirit are always there too.


Remember, if you only have one or two sides you cannot make a triangle. To make a triangle you always need three sides. So in God you must always have three persons, the Father, the Son and the Spirit.


We use different pictures to show God. They are different in looks but all the same. They are all pictures of God. Just like three glasses of water are three things, but all the same... water.


Maronites usually show God the Father as a hand coming from a cloud blessing, because the Ten Commandments were written "with God's own finger."


God the Son is shown as a child, because He was born man.


God the Spirit is shown as a dove, because that is how He is described at Jesus' Baptism.

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