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Dear Parents,

We turn to you to tell you important dates and some practical notes on preparation and celebration of First Communion.

- Saturday, May 24 at the church from 15:00 to 16:00 there will be the immediate preparation for Mass for First Communion. At 16.00 there will be Confessions for children and relatives.

- Sunday, May 25 celebration of First Communion Mass commencing at 10.45 am. The children will leave in procession from the parish hall while their parents await them in church in their place. Immediately after the Mass children will come in procession front of the church where they will be distributed 'souvenirs'. In front of the church will be a picture of group, weather permitting.

- Monday, May 26 we will go together to the Sanctuary of Montallegro. The starting point is scheduled for 14.30. Who could not come up with their own means is requested to notify in parish or the parish priest Don Claudio. The Mass will be celebrated at 16.00 At 17.00 starts Mass of the time and therefore we have to vacate the church sanctuary.

- The First Communion children are invited to participate with their communion dresses to two processions. The procession of the feast of Corpus Christi in June and that of the party St. Anne in July. For these two events will give you the dates and precise references below. We also invite the whole family to the parish feast of families in the program for Sunday, June 8 in Via Tre Scalini.

- You are welcome to ask two acts of charity. The first relates to the offer for the church, so particular for the construction of the new church. The second relates to the offer a sponsorship. The first offer is to leave the parish priest. The second offer is from leave to Don Claudio.

- To avoid distractions and behaviors that are not conducive to the spiritual meditation, you invite photographers and videographers to adhere faithfully to the regulations issued Office of the Diocesan Liturgical. Also during the celebration must not move or occupy the central spaces and the chancel, which are necessary for the passage of children and priests. It is suggested that parents choose only one possible photographer and verify that it is enabled by the Curia.

- The church is also available to photographers Saturday, May 24 from 19:00 to 19:45 and Sunday from 9.15 am to 10.45 am and in the afternoon by prior arrangement with the parish priest.

- In the church it's strongly recommended to maintain the necessary composure and silence, expression of respect for the sacred place for all. Please keep cell phones turned off.

- In the selection of the dress are taken into account right reasons in the past have given the tradition of the dress 'same for all' in this parish. our community provides some white clothes to borrow. Those who choose other clothes are requested to avoid the luxury and pomp, in keeping with the spirit of the celebration. All that is outward (lunches, gifts, etc..) Does not hide the true spiritual meaning of this party.

- Every Sunday at 11.00 the children together with their parents, are invited to attend the Mass.

We hope that this festival gifts to everyone, especially to all families, a deep joy.

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