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For some mothers the period of spring means the period of Communion. How many of you are in this situation?

If you are struggling with questions such as: how many people to invite, where to have lunch, which favors choose and what communion dress to buy for their children and are looking for advice on how to organize the party after the ceremony you are in the right place.

Obviously depends on the number of guests, but a viable alternative to the restaurant could be to have lunch at home, the variables are varied to take into consideration such as space, food preparation, menu and various decorations but with the help and ideas just anything is possible.

For a varied menu that crosses everyone's tastes, we can take a cue from the menu that you can find here some ideas and some classical inspiration to create something original to bring your friends for lunch on the first Communion of children. If you want to stay on do it yourself, there are some great wedding favors to make at home, perhaps with the help of the closest relatives, sharing this important milestone for our children.

Here you can find the instructions and the materials needed to launch yourself in this creativity. One thing that is difficult to waiver is the 'dress for communion, under the tunic that some parishes use, we should think about what to wear to our children that day, choosing a dress that fits your situation. Let them be your children to choose their dress, of course under your guidance. Many children if they could, they would dress in jeans, shirt and sneakers, so try not to force them to take a dress like that more to you than to them.

Our advice: Do not go overboard with lavish celebrations like weddings baby, reminding us that the importance of this festival is primarily religious.

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