Memories of My First Communion Day

Then all present, who have made or are making their First Communion, have fasted for at least one hour before, and are in a state of Grace (that is free from mortal sin), may receive the Eucharist in Holy Communion with the Church in communion dresses.

As Communion is distributed, they proclaim to each person, The Body of Christ, and The Blood of Christ. The person receiving the Body and Blood responds, Amen. That means "so be it" or "I believe."

Communion Hymn

The choir and congregation sing a song during Communion. This tells God how very happy we are to be able to receive Him.

Prayer After Communion

Alter a period of silence, during which we should be thanking God for His generosity and this wonderful opportunity, the priest reads an after communion prayer.



After the announcements are read, the priest blesses the congregation and all make the Sign of the Cross together.


The priest tells everyone, Go in peace to love and serve the Lord and one another. Remember, these are the two most important commandments that Jesus gave His disciples!

Closing Hymn

The closing hymn provides a sung prayer of thanksgiving and lets us leave the church with joy in our hearts.