Jesus gives us his body and blood

Cindy loves her new communion dress very much, and she wears it and listen to Hugo who is telling the history of Communin origin.

After Jesus shared his last meal with his friends, they went to a garden to pray. But Jesus' enemies didn't like what Jesus had been saying. They came and took Jesus away. The next day, on Good Friday, Jesus suffered and died on the cross. In his death, Jesus offered himself to God. He gave up his body for his friends, and for all of us.

At Mass, the priest says a special prayer over the bread and wine that helps us remember all this. It's called the Eucharistic Prayer. And during this prayer the bread and wine become Jesus' Body and Blood. The Holy Spirit makes this happen through the words and actions of the priest. We can't see any change in the bread and wine. But Jesus is truly present there. Imagine that! And it happens at every Mass!